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Instructional Workforce Status and Teaching Trends

DSI (IU East, IU Northwest, IU South Bend, IU Southeast, IU Bloomington, IU Kokomo)


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The purpose of this workbook is to provide a faculty “home department” view of instructional effort. Specifically, all faculty and staff are represented who have been hired to perform instructional activity even if they are not teaching during a term.

This workbook helps answer the following questions:

  • What is the composition of instructional personnel working in my unit (RC or department) by Title Group?
  • Were my workforce teaching or not, and if not, isolate the workforce who are on leave or serving in administrative positions (categorized by Title Group)?
  • What have the teachings trends been for my appointed personnel over time, by Title Group and Employee Rank?
  • How much of my instructional activity is invested in teaching courses in other departments? (mine vs. theirs)
  • What is the breakdown by Title Group?
  • Of my positions teaching, what is the composition by Title Group and Rank?
  • Of my personnel teaching outside of my unit over time, what courses did they teach?
  • Where is the workforce teaching my courses coming from?
  • What courses are my workforce teaching by Title Group and Employee Rank?

The Instructional Workforce Status and Teaching Trends workbook is an alternative view of the Instructional Trends and Comparisons workbook.


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