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Suspended Subsequent ISIR Audit

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This report is intended to identify students that have an ISIR in the staging tables with data that doesn’t match what is on an ISIR already loaded. It will pick up material changes to areas like database match flags, increases or decreases in EFC, verification status flag, etc.
Specifically, the report will compare certain fields from the most recent ISIR transaction with an official EFC loaded and the ISIR transaction(s) in suspense for the same aid year. The report lists students with the following:
- The ISIR transaction in suspense must be greater than the ISIR transaction loaded
- The ISIR Load Status of the transaction in the staging tables must be suspended
- The student’s aid application status must be active and EFC has changed or
the verification status has changed or the student’s dependency status has changed or the student’s Pell eligibility has changed or the database flags have changed:
o Citizenship Indicator
o NSLDS Match
o SAR C Flag
o NSLDS Post Screen1
o NSLDS Post Screen2
o NSLDS Post Screen3


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